14-year previous Muslim boy attacked for potable from a temple in india

14-year previous Muslim boy attacked for potable from a temple in india

A 14-year-old Muslim boy was unmercifully thrashed by a person once he visited a Hindu temple to drink water from there, many Indian media shops according Sunday.

According to a report by NDTV, the incident occurred in Ghaziabad district, located within the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. AN dateless video associated with the incident recently went infectious agent during which a person, wearing a blue jersey, might be seen holding a young boy by his shoulders and asking him some queries.

The man may 1st be detected asking the boy his name, that clad to be Asim Habib — a typical Muslim name.

Next, the person asked the boy to elucidate the aim of getting into the temple, upon that the boy might be detected spoken communication that he went there to drink water.

Without being attentive to another word from the boy, the person started unmercifully beating the boy, slapping him, pushing him to the bottom, and repeatedly kicking him.

According to the report, the person — known as Shringi Nandan Yadav, AN engineering graduate from Bihar’s Bhagalpur — has currently been in remission when the video went infectious agent and actor criticism from completely different echelons of the Indian society and abroad.

Police say that Yadav is idle and had been staying within the temple for the last 3 months.

Per the piece, following the arrest, the Ghaziabad Police took to Twitter and thanked the plenty for the “immediate cognizance of the video,” asserting that Shringi Nandan Yadav, son of Ashwai Kumari Ydav, residents within the Gopalpur station limits in Bihar’s Bhagalpr, are in remission.|

“A case has been registered and formal procedures were done,” Ghaziabad Police tweeted.


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