Afghanistan in shock after women journalists’ assassination

Afghanistan in shock after women journalists’ assassination

JALALABAD: Afghanistan remained in shock and outrage erupted weekday when funerals were control for the 3 ladies journalists dead daily earlier here within the country’s japanese town, with international rights and journalist bodies concerned an exploration into the murders.

Journalists, activists, and judges have recently been ambushed by armed assailants or killed by explosives hooked up to their vehicles as billowy insurgent violence forced several into activity — with some departure Afghanistan — as peace talks stall.

The killings have escalated since peace talks began last year between the Afghan government and therefore the Taleban, sparking fears that the insurgents area unit eliminating perceived opponents as negotiations stall.

The 3 ladies were shot associate degreed killed in 2 separate attacks simply ten minutes apart when they left the Enikass television station on Tues in what one colleague delineate as an musical group hit.

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