Afghanistan ready to discuss with Taliban: Dr Abdullah

Afghanistan ready to discuss with Taliban: Dr Abdullah

Head of the Afghan peace council Dr Abdullah Abdullah has same that the Afghan government is prepared to debate “any topics” with the Taliban so as to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

In his speech throughout capital of the Russian Federation Conference on Peaceful Settlement in Asian country, organized by troika member states and hosted by Russia on Thursday, Abdullah same that the Afghan government reiterated its commitment for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Asian country throughout the conference.

“We demanded Associate in Nursing finish to violence and therefore the acceleration of the peace talks. we have a tendency to asked the regional countries and on the far side to assist Asian country in its derive to realize a simply and lasting peace,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle shortly once attending the conference.

He same that the negotiation team of Asian country is prepared to debate any topic with the Taliban. “We demanded Associate in Nursing finish to targeted killings, and a comprehensive ceasefire to start ensuing rounds of the talks during a peaceful setting.”


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