Armed Iranian troops boarded South Korean tanker ships owner says

Armed Iranian troops boarded South Korean tanker  ships owner says

 Seoul, Asian nation The owner of a South Korean-flagged tanker that was confiscated by Asian nation within the Persian Gulf on Monday has represented however “armed soldiers” boarded the vessel. The crew of the Hankuk Chemi tanker received a ten to twenty minute warning from Iranian authorities before the ship was boarded by troops, its owner, DM Shipping Co Ltd., told CNN in an exceedingly statement weekday.

 The company aforesaid its communication with the tanker was discontinue as shortly because the ship was confiscated. Five South Korean nationals area unit among the twenty civilian mariners aboard the tanker, the South Korean foreign ministry aforesaid. Iran’s ambassador to capital of South Korea told the South Korean government that the sailors UN agency were on board “are safe”, South Korean officers aforesaid in an exceedingly media making known weekday.

Seoul sent Associate in Nursing acclaimed anti-piracy unit to the Strait of Hormuz following the tanker’s seizure. The Cheonghae Unit, which has South Korean division, arrived within the strait on weekday aboard the five,000-ton destroyer Choi Yong, in step with the South Korean defense ministry. Tensions within the Persian Gulf have enlarged within the past week, close to the annual day of the deadly US strike on Qasem Soleimani, a prime Iranian general.

The US has flown bomber bombers over the region, and on Sunday US President Donald Trump ordered the USS Chester Nimitz war vessel, that was thanks to rotate home, to stay there. Then on Monday, Iranian boats confiscated the Hankuk Chemi because it transited the Strait of Hormuz, the slender entrance to the Persian Gulf from the sea. Iran aforesaid the vessel was confiscated for “creating environmental and chemical pollution within the Persian Gulf,” the semi-official agency Tasnim aforesaid. The vessel has been confiscated by the navy of the Moslem Revolutionary Guard Corps, in step with the Mehr agency. But following the tanker’s seizure, Associate in Nursing Iranian government interpreter claimed that 2 years agone Asian nation had frozen $7 billion of Iranian funds that were presently command in an exceedingly South Korean bank.


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