Bill Gates: finding Covid straightforward compared with climate

Bill Gates: finding Covid straightforward compared with climate

Fifty-one billion and 0 – the 2 numbers enterpriser says you wish to grasp concerning climate.

Solving global climate change would be “the most wonderful factor humanity has ever done”, says the rich person founding father of Microsoft.

By comparison, ending the pandemic is “very, very easy”, he claims.

Mr Gates’s new book, the way to Avoid a Climate Disaster, could be a guide to effort heating.

Don’t underestimate the dimensions of the challenge, he told Maine once we spoke last week.

“We’ve ne’er created a transition like we’re talking concerning doing within the next thirty years. there’s no precedent for this.”

Fifty-one billion is what percentage tonnes of greenhouse gases the globe generally adds to the atmosphere annually.

Net zero is wherever we’d like to induce to.

This means cutting emissions to A level wherever any remaining greenhouse emission releases square measure balanced out by riveting a similar quantity from the atmosphere. a technique to try and do this can be by planting trees, that take in greenhouse emission through their leaves.


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