Call me a traitor or hang me ;PML-N’s Javed Latif

Call me a traitor or hang me ;PML-N’s Javed Latif

SHEIKHUPURA: PML-N leader and Member of the National Assembly Javed Latif on Sunday same that “whether [the government] chooses to decision him a traitor or hangs him”, he — beside his party — can “not let Pakistan sink.”

Latif was chatting with PML-N employees, UN agency had gathered outside his residence to indicate commonness with him.

A day ago, Javed Latif had created a contentious comment that was deemed “anti-Pakistan” by the govt. Latif had same that if something happens to Maryam Nawaz, then “PML-N won’t say Pakistan Khappay”, not like Zardari, UN agency had used those words once Benazir Bhutto was dead.

Following the comment, PTI Central geographical area had proclaimed a protest against the remarks created by Latif.

Addressing PML-N employees nowadays, Latif same that notwithstanding somebody sees the longer term generations of Pakistan “sinking” or moving towards a decline, they’re expected to remain silent for the concern of being tagged a traitor (instead of showing concern and being vocal concerning it).

“Call American state a traitor, hang me, however ar going to} not let Pakistan sink as long as we tend to are alive,” Latif same.

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