China: A thousand-year record of rains was broken, killing 25 people

China: A thousand-year record of rains was broken, killing 25 people

China’s 1,000-year record for rains has been broken, with 25 people killed so far.
According to foreign media, dangerous rains in China during the last three days have caused flooding, vehicles, streets and stations have been submerged due to the rains.
The Chinese news agency has shared a video on its Twitter account in which the Zhengzhou metro can be seen submerged in water while several passengers are also trapped in it.
Foreign media say people in Zhengzhou, a city of more than 10 million people, are waiting for rescue agencies.
Rains in China have so far killed 25 people, including 12 subway passengers, while the 1,000-year-old record of rains in the Chinese province of Hainan has been broken.
According to officials, the city of Zhengzhou received 617.1 mm of rainfall from Saturday to Tuesday, which is close to the annual average of 640 mm.
According to local media, more than one million people have been severely affected by the rains and more than 160,000 civilians have been displaced, while seven people are still missing.
The rains have also flooded streets, hotels and a large number of buildings, while stations have been submerged, leaving public transport completely closed.
Chinese Meteorological Department officials have forecast more rains in Hainan Province in the next three days.
The Chinese president has deployed 5,700 troops for rescue operations in Zhengzhou.


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