Controversial art dealer’s girl can come back over a hundred antiquities to Cambodia

Controversial art dealer’s girl can come back over a hundred antiquities to Cambodia

when monger Stephen A. Douglas Latchford was charged with wire fraud, importing and conspiracy, USA prosecutors not solely alleged that he had trafficked purloined Cambodian antiquities — he had “built a career” thereon.

The indictment, brought before a brand new royal family court in 2019, claimed the British collector was a part of associate organized pillaging network that faked records for things it had taken or illicitly excavated from archeological sites like Angkor Wat. thought-about one among the world’s foremost authorities on art from the Khmer Empire, that dominated between the ninth and fifteenth centuries, Latchford had served as “a conduit” for purloined treasures since the Seventies, in keeping with court documents.

He died in Asian nation in 2020, aged 88, before respondent the costs. however currently the late dealer’s girl, Nawapan Kriangsak, has secure to come back all of the Cambodian artifacts that she heritable from her father. Consisting of a minimum of a hundred statues and carvings, the gathering is taken into account of such cultural significance that the country’s national repository in Phnom Penh is being distended to accommodate it.

Cambodia’s Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, Phoeurng Sackona, told CNN that news of the items’ come back had made a “magical feeling.”

“Our culture and our statues don’t seem to be simply wood and clay, they possess spirits, and that they have senses,” she same in a very video interview, via a translator. “The items themselves wish to come back back to their country.”


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