Did not compare to Tom Cruise; Kangana Ranaut

Did not compare to Tom Cruise; Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai : Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, in a tweet on Tuesday, followed au fait comments she created earlier this month once she was compared to Hollywood idol Tom Cruise. On Tuesday.

Ranaut aforementioned that she ne’er created the comparison herself however that she’d simply recurrent what a stunt organizer who’d worked with each her and Cruise had aforementioned, reported geographical area Times.

The actor came vulnerable once she announce tweets declaring that she was a a lot of ball-hawking actor than three-time accolade winner Strep. later, she role player a parallel between herself and Marlon Brando, so quoted stunt organizer Nick Powell as oral communication that “she achieved sander stunts than Tom Cruise.”

On Tuesday, Ranaut skillful a newspaper article regarding memes that her comments had spawned. She wrote, “I ne’er claimed it; Nick Powell one in every of the most important stunt administrators within the world did. Causation a hug and a few Burnol.”

In her original tweet, the actress had shared a newspaper article regarding Powell. She’d written, “Hahaha! Bohut pareshan hain librus, yeh dekho (liberals ar confused). famous action director of Brave Heart and plenty of legendary Hollywood action films aforementioned i’m higher than Tom Cruise once it involves action. Hahahahaha! Becharay librus aur tarpo (read this and weep).”


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