Disqualification case: ECP imposes Rs50,000 fine on male monarch Vawda

Disqualification case: ECP imposes Rs50,000 fine on male monarch Vawda

ISLAMABAD: The commission of Asian country obligatory a fine of Rs50,000 on Federal Minister for Water Resources male monarch Vawda on seeking adjournments repeatedly within the disqualification case and directed him to look in-person on consequent hearing.

A five-member bench headed by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar swayer Raja conducted a hearing on a disqualification petition against the minister for allegedly possessing twin status. CEC Sikandar swayer Raja, United Nations agency was presiding over the proceedings, aforementioned the case has already been delayed and punished the counsel representing Vawda.

Vawda’s counsel failed to seem before the ECP. Assistant counsel Hasnain Ali Chohan sought-after Associate in Nursing adjournment thanks to Vawda’s professional Muhammad bin Mohsin’s engagement in an exceedingly city court. The commission expressed annoyance on the delay in proceedings.

ECP member Irshad Qaiser asked the professional in what capability has he appeared as he doesn’t have the ability of professional person. Another ECP member Altaf patriarch Qureshi aforementioned that the professional has not hooked up any proof and also the minister’s counsel ought to have managed his time with the court.

CEC swayer Raja aforementioned the minister was speculated to answer queries concerning his twin status within the hearing nowadays. He aforementioned the ECP can itself approach the U.S. diplomatic building if the suspect did not respond on consequent hearing. The hearing was adjourned until February twenty four.

 throughout the previous hearing, the CEC had aforementioned that despite however prestigious somebody was, they’ll decide the cases on advantage. The petitioner’s counsel had aforementioned if male monarch Vawda couldn’t be asked queries then the functionary ought to be asked to clarify why he accepted the nomination papers despite possessing twin citizenship.

CEC remarked that this had no result and also the commission would take advantage. He side that Vawda had written N/A within the twin citizenship section whereas submitting his nomination papers throughout the 2018 general elections.

He inquired whether or not male monarch Vawda failed to have twin citizenship at that point. Vawda’s professional aforementioned that male monarch Vawda failed to have twin citizenship at that point. The CEC asked whether or not he had twin citizenship before and once did he renounce twin citizenship.

The professional replied that he would ought to take steering during this regard. Member ECP Altaf patriarch had expressed his anger and aforementioned that it had been a delaying plan of action.

Vawda’s professional Muhammad bin Mohsin aforementioned that male monarch Wawda had twin citizenship and there was no dispute over it. The CEC aforementioned that he had admitted that Vawda had twin citizenship and asked once it had been renounced.


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