Does Melania want a divorce from Donald Trump?

Does Melania want a divorce from Donald Trump?

Washington:  Donald Trump and his partner Melania Trump celebrated their sixteenth birthday on weekday.

Rumors of the divorce, however, haven’t been disregarded however as high lawyers calculable what

Quantity Melania Trump would get if she chooses to depart her husband.

According to a piece of writing by Daily Mirror citing high lawyers, Melania Trump may get the maximum amount as $50 million and therefore the custody of her teen son Barron if she divorces Trump.

New York-based attorney Jacqueline Newman says that if the previous 1st girl decides to continue her wedding with Donald Trump for a protracted time once effort the White House, she would be in an exceedingly position to renegotiate her primp additional and will find yourself obtaining more.

London attorney Janette Johnson extra that the prenup agreement may embrace “penalty clauses for wrongdoing, like Donald’s alleged affair with porno star Stormy Daniels.”

Per the piece, former White House aide and therefore the Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault-Newman, in her 2018 book, claimed that Melania was “counting each minute till her 74-year-old husband was not president therefore she may divorce him.”

Former friend and consultant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff same that Donald and Melania have a “transactional wedding,” adding that “things between them area unit therefore unhealthy they sleep in separate bedrooms within the White House.”


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