Dubai’s romantic ‘Love Lake’

Dubai’s romantic ‘Love Lake’

DUBAI: The world’s solely synthetic, cordiform lake — “Love Lake” — within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a preferred traveler spot for lovebirds to relax removed from the city’s katzenjammer.

Considered a logo of affection at Al-Qudra Oasis, the 2 mammoth interconnected cordiform lakes square measure quick gaining attention of everybody round the world.
Built in the center of the urban center desert, the “Love Lake” is not any but a masterpiece, adjoin a section a section,000 sq. metres. it’s designed removed from the populated area and has various species of plants, over sixteen,000 trees, and many thousands of vibrant flowers.

The lake’s surroundings also are distinctive, with the word “Love” written in lovely cursive English, attracting the eye of tourists inward at the destination via air.

Its entrance is additionally formed sort of a heart, with cordiform gate, trees, and fountains. The lake conjointly boasts a enclosed space referred to as “Hadirah” for picnics and barbecue with friends and family, similarly as a glow-in-the-dark running track.

First opened to tourists in 2018, the lake got extremely popular when urban center prince tribal sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid al-Maktoum shared its image on his Instagram account.

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