ECP orders re-polling in entire body of NA-75 DASKA

ECP orders re-polling in entire body of NA-75 DASKA

ISLAMABAD: The commission of Pakistan (ECP) these days (Thursday) has ordered re-election in NA-75 body on March eighteen when suspicions that the results could are falsified.

Hearing AN application by PML-N candidate Syeda Nosheen Iftikhar, A five-member commission, headed by the chief election commissioner, declared the by-poll control within the body on February nineteen as “null and void”.

During today’s hearing, PTI attorney attorney Ali Zafar addressed  the ‘disappearance’ of the workers of twenty polling stations within the body, language that it absolutely was “not right to mention that a delay in results means that they were altered”.

He additionally discerned that there was no set time for presiding workplacers to report at the returning officer’s office. “The phone batteries die when a whole day of usage,” he added.

To which, ECP’s Khyber Pakhutnkhwa member Irshad Qaiser aforementioned, “Did everyone’s phone battery die, together with the driver?” The PTI attorney insisted that the Ro had requested re-election in fourteen polling stations on the “basis of speculation”.

“There isn’t any argument in 337 out of 360 polling stations and an endeavor was created to prove a rigging conspiracy,” he added. Meanwhile, PML-N attorney Salman Akram Raja demanded a rhetorical audit of votes forged within the twenty polling stations whose results area unit questionable.

Barrister Zafar additional aforementioned that none of the presiding officers had talked regarding being abducted or disproof results. “The commission can initial ought to declare that the presiding officers area unit lying,” he remarked.

The by-election within the NA-75 body last week was marred by violence when 2 folks were killed and 3 others scraped during a firing incident at a topographic point in Daska.

The ECP had withheld the results when twenty presiding officers within the body went missing for many hours and prime officers of the district administration were unavailable  to the commission to answer its queries.

The commission aforementioned results of the NA-75 body were received with “unnecessary delay”, adding that it tried to contact the presiding officers many times however with no success.

While the PML-N had alleged large rigging, the PTI had claimed to win the election and had lashed out at the opposition party for less than acceptive those results that came get into their favour.


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