Electric car battery add 100 miles of charge

Electric car battery add 100 miles of charge

Say NO  to ‘range anxiety’: electric automobile battery will can add one hundred miles of charge to a vehicle in barely 5 MINUTES to launch by 2025

Store Dot has created a silicon-based battery that charges in barely 5 minutes
It uses semiconductor nano particles, into that ions will pass rather more simply
The batteries may well be out there from 2025 and supply one hundred miles on one charge

The lithium-ion battery will power the automobile for up to one hundred miles on one charge, and will be out there from 2025.

Its designers say the battery marks a major step towards electrical cars turning into as quick and simple to ‘refuel’ as gasoline or diesel vehicles.

The battery was developed by Israeli company Store Dot, World Health Organization have already incontestable their fast-charging batteries in smart phones, drones and scooters.

Now the start-up is popping its attention to electrical cars.


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