Georgia election: Donald Trump’s telephone fact-checked

Georgia election: Donald Trump’s telephone fact-checked

US President Donald Trump spent over associate degree hour on the phone to election officers in Georgia, as he continues to do to overturn the end in the state. He created variety of accusations of fraud that he didn’t offer proof. We’ve fact-checked a number of his claims.

Claim 1: ‘So dead individuals voted. and that i assume the amount is on the brink of five,000 individuals [in Georgia].’ President Trump and his supporters have repeatedly claimed thousands of votes were solid in states across the country, victimization the identities of individuals United Nations agency had died.

 But Georgia’s high election official, Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, denied the president’s assertion, expression there have been simply 2 confirmed cases of dead individuals selection within the state. The president’s attorney Cleta Mitchell, additionally on the decision, skillful this by suggesting they’d details of dead individuals selection. “There may be a universe of individuals United Nations agency have constant name and same birth year and died,” she told man Raffensperger. However, our previous investigation into a listing of “10,000 dead voters” in Michigan found this approach seriously blemished. Cross-referencing lists of deaths across the United States and voters in a very explicit state produces thousands of matches – with constant name and birth year – each dead and alive. Our study in Michigan made an outsized range of matches even once the month of birth was enclosed. And we contacted a sample of those “dead voters” and located them substantially alive.

Claim 2: ‘[There] were thousands and thousands of ballots in a very box that wasn’t an officer or a sealed box.’ The president is bearing on a video taken at a count facility at the State Farm Arena, in artificer County, Georgia, suggesting it reveals dishonest activity election staff. The footage shows officers returning to their count areas and a instrumentality with ballots being force out from below a table “When they came back,” man Trump aforesaid in his telephone, “they did not move to their station. “They visited the apron wrapped round the table, below that were thousands and thousands of ballots in a very box that wasn’t an officer or a sealed box.” Election officers have antecedently skillful this accusation, expression the footage shows traditional observe.

Claim 3: ‘They ran out thanks to a water-main break. And there was no main, there was nothing. There was no break.’ Mr Trump is bearing on a disruption within the count at constant location in artificer County. At the time, election officers issued a press statement expression a water leak had affected an area wherever traveller ballots were being tabulated. An official investigation later processed “what was at the start according as a water leak… was truly a plumbing fixture that had overflowed”. The report aforesaid this had not affected the count of votes by artificer County later that evening.

Claim four: ‘You had out-of-state voters – they voted in Georgia however they were from out of state – of 4,925.’ Ryan Deutschland, a attorney representing Georgia’s secretary of state’s workplace throughout the decision, has rejected this claim. “Every one we’ve been through area unit those that lived in Georgia, touched to a special state then again touched back to Georgia lawfully,” he said. The numbers given by man Trump’s team concerning these supposed out-of-state voters were “not accurate”, man Deutschland else. Speaking prior to Tuesday’s Senate run-off election in Georgia, man Raffensperger aforesaid “qualified Georgians and solely Georgians area unit allowed to choose our elections” and out-of-state voters wouldn’t be tolerated. And he warned anyone trying to game the system: “We can realize you and that we can prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.”


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