Grace triumph: Covid-19 leaves YouTuber ‘in coma’ when son’s birth

The family of a well-liked YouTuber full of Covid-19 say she has been placed in associate degree iatrogenic coma. Grace Victory, 30, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, developed delicate symptoms period agone however was placed into medical aid on fete day.

 The move came every day when she gave birth to her 1st kid, a boy, UN agency wasn’t because of turn till Gregorian calendar month. In a statement issued on Miss Victory’s Instagram profile her family aforesaid her condition was “stable”. It said: “Grace was admitted into medical aid on fete day because of problems along with her respiratory & so they [doctors] had to form the choice of inserting her into associate degree iatrogenic coma, to provide her body the remainder it desires, so as to recover

. “We love her thus, most and that we understand she’ll pop out of this stronger than ever. “She has dedicated her whole career to healing folks, we have a tendency to currently raise that you just pray, to heal her.”


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