Uttarakhand ice mass burst: Dozens missing when India dam collapses

Uttarakhand ice mass burst: Dozens missing when  India dam collapses

Dozens of individuals square measure missing and feared dead when a chain ice mass crashed into a dam and triggered a large get northern Republic of India.

As the dam bust open, a deluge of water poured through a vale within the state of Uttarakhand.

Villages are exhausted, however officers warned quite one hundred twenty five individuals might are caught within the torrent.

Video showed the floodwater barrelling through the realm, going away destruction in its wake.

“It came in no time, there was no time to alert anyone,” Sanjay Singh genus Rana, UN agency lives regarding the Dhauli Ganga watercourse, told the Reuters press agency.

“I felt that even we might be anxious.”

Uttarakhand police aforementioned the avalanche affected at concerning 11:00 civil time (05:30 GMT), destroying a dam referred to as the Rishiganga electricity Project.

Police aforementioned the impact catapulted water on the Dhauli Ganga watercourse, damaging another power project downstream within the Tapovan space.

One witness compared the flash flood to “a scene from a movie industry film”.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat aforementioned one hundred twenty five individuals were confirmed missing thus far, however that range may rise.

“Seven bodies are recovered from the positioning and rescue operations square measure happening,” man Singh Rawat told reporters at a rendezvous on Sunday.

Most of these missing were employees at the 2 power comes anxious by the deluge.

More than fifty individuals acting at the Rishiganga electricity Project were feared dead, Uttarakhand officer Ashok Kumar aforementioned.

But he aforementioned some employees had been saved from the positioning.

Emergency crew managed to rescue sixteen employees UN agency had been treed within a tunnel that had been stuffed with dust.

Indian media aforementioned around thirty others were treed in a very second tunnel, with emergency crews ready to figure through the night to rescue them.

Mr Singh Rawat aforementioned groups from the police and also the army were “doing their best to avoid wasting the lives of the workers”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi aforementioned he was watching matters. “The nation prays for everyone’s safety there,” he wrote on Twitter shortly when speaking with the state minister.


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