Holy Kaaba’s roof cleaned in Just 40 minutes

Holy Kaaba’s roof cleaned in Just 40 minutes

RIYADH: specialised team of Arab men beneath a supervisor cleaned the Holy Kaaba’s roof during a record forty minutes, the management of the house of prayer al-Haram, or the nice masjid of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, declared on weekday.

In a message denote on Twitter, the house of prayer al-Haram’s management — formally referred to as the overall Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand masjid and also the Prophet’s masjid  aforesaid Saudi specialists completed the improvement of the roof of the Holy Kaaba in barely forty minutes, that was “a record”.

Headed by the Imam-e-Kaaba, Dr Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz al-Sudais, the Presidency of the 2 Holy Mosques, conjointly shared on social media the photographs taken throughout the improvement method.


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