Indonesia tigers: Zookeeper killed once vulnerable animals escape

Indonesia tigers: Zookeeper killed once vulnerable animals escape

A menageriekeeper has been killed once 2 critically vulnerable Sumatran tigers at liberty from a zoo on Kalimantan island.

The female tigers, each aged concerning eighteen months, at liberty the Sinka menagerie once a landslide caused by days of torrential rain broken their enclosure.

On Sat, one among the animals was captured once it absolutely was hit with a tranquiliser dart.

But the opposite tiger was shot dead once it behaved sharply and tries to tranquilise it failing.

•The 47-year-old zookeeper was found dead near to the tigers’ enclosure once the animals at liberty late on Fri. He had bite wounds and scratches on his body, the alpha fetoprotein press agency reports.

•A variety of dead animals, as well as associate degree ostrich and a monkey, had earlier been found close to the enclosure.

•The escape triggered a large-scale hunt within the city of Singkawang, West Kalimantan. near  traveller attractions were ordered to shut by police and other people were told to remain reception.


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