Is Prince William going to be king?

Is Prince William going to be king?

London: A major royal reorganization within the bloodline may occur once blue blood William becomes king, it had been discovered recently by a royal skilled.

Princess Diana descended from 2 of King Charles II’s illegitimate sons which implies the Duke of Cambridge’s succession may create him the primary blood descendant of the monarch World Health Organization takes over the throne, 3 centuries once his death.

Royal skilled parliamentarian Johnson created the observation on Twitter as he wrote: “Diana, blue blood of Wales, was descended from 2 of Charles II’s illegitimate sons; Henry Fitzroy, first Duke of Grafton and Charles Lennox, first Duke of capital of Virginia.”

“It means that once blue blood William ascends the throne he can become the primary blood descendant of Charles II to try to to thus,” he added.

King Charles II passed on to the great beyond from attack in 1685 with no legitimate kids World Health Organization may inherit the crown from him.


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