Josh O’Connor: Romeo role ‘greatest experience of my career’

Josh O’Connor: Romeo role ‘greatest experience of my career’

Josh O’Connor and Jessie Buckley were excited concerning heading up a stage production of lover and Juliet. Then once Covid-19 forced the play’s cancellation last year the National Theatre had another plan – however concerning doing it as a movie for TV? O’Connor and Buckley nearly aforesaid no however they are glad they did not.

Last summer appeared the right time for O’Connor and Buckley to prove their talent during a well-known William Shakespeare at a crucial venue.

O’Connor’s career had began with 2 roles – Larry within the Durrells for ITV followed by 2 seasons within the Crown as Prince Charles. (His successor as Charles is however to be confirmed.)

Buckley was within the much-praised Chernobyl then showed her zero in the bio-pic Judy, taking part in the assistant allotted to stay vocalizer not off course in Nineteen Sixties London.

But like nearly everything on the National’s schedule for 2020, its version of lover and Juliet was below threat as presently because the Covid pandemic hit.


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