Long Covid: ‘I cannot walk 10m while not a rest’

Long Covid: ‘I cannot walk 10m while not a rest’

A accoucheuse has told the BBC however “long Covid” left her in an exceedingly chair as Boris Johnson faces calls to compensate key staff stricken by the condition.

A total of sixty five MPs and peers have signed a letter to the PM, inquiring for it to be recognised as associate degree disease.

Before Gregorian calendar month 2020, Jo Aitken was operating as associate degree NHS community accoucheuse. She currently wants a chair to depart the house.

She says long Covid modified her life utterly.

It will gift as a variety of various symptoms suffered by individuals weeks or months once being infected with the virus, even for those that weren’t seriously sick after they had it.

According to country Medical Journal, it’s thought to occur in more or less 100% of individuals infected.

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For Jo, 50, it’s left her unable to figure as a accoucheuse since last Gregorian calendar month.

“It’s not been straightforward,” she said. “I hardly depart any longer as a result of I simply haven’t got the energy.

“This weekend I succumbed and got a chair. i can not walk quite ten metres while not having a rest.”

“I love my job, i do not like not having the ability to try to to it,” she supplemental. “But being a community accoucheuse involves a great deal of traveling, lifting babies and instrumentality.

“I’ve been obtaining dedicated care from the NHS and lately from my leader yet.”

But there’s associate degree finish seeable for Jo, United Nations agency was told by her doctor he expects her to form a full recovery.

“I cried with relief once he told American state that,” she said. “At the instant i can not very see associate degree finish to that, however him locution that, it quite place the sunshine at the tip of the tunnel.”


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