At least 18 killed in Myanmar on bloodiest day of protests against coup

At least 18 killed in Myanmar on bloodiest day of protests against coup

Police have discharged on protesters in Burma killing a minimum of ten, medics say, on the deadliest day since rallies against the country’s coup began.

Deaths were according in national capital, Dawei and Mandalay, as police used live rounds, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Security forces began the violent stifling on Sat, when weeks of mostly peaceful protests against the one Feb military takeover.

Government leaders, as well as Aung San Suu Kyi, were overthrown and detained.

Social media footage from Sunday showed protesters effort as police charged at them, makeshift roadblocks being erected, and a number of other individuals being light-emitting diode away lined in blood.

The police stifling was dilated on Sunday as coup leaders wanted to quash a direct action campaign that has shown no sign of ending.

The individuals failed to retreat

At the scene: BBC video journalist

As I arrived on Hledan road in national capital Associate in Nursing car passed Maine. I detected one man had been shot. I ran to the situation and after I arrived the volunteers had already raised him into the car.

I saw blood on the road and a homespun protect next to that. The bullet had more responsible the protect.

A few minutes later, additional protesters occupied the road, obstruction the realm with shields and carts and preparation themselves to require on the police.

Many more arrived, sitting down on the road and singing. there have been such a large amount of i could not see the rear of the group.

Two individuals were shot dead here and one was badly livid. however the individuals failed to retreat.


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