Myanmar coup: what is going to the military do now?

Myanmar coup: what is going to the military do now?

The man World Health Organization surprised the globe by transportation Myanmar’s democratic experiment flaming down has created simply 2 public appearances on state tv to elucidate himself.

Looking nervous before of the Teleprompter, General Min Aung Hlaing created no mention of his coup, the detention of the country’s nonappointive leaders, the mass demonstrations against military rule out all corners of Myanmar and from all walks of life, the storm of international condemnation and therefore the threat of revived sanctions.

Instead he continual tired previous military slogans concerning the necessity for discipline and unity, and his still unsupported allegations of electoral irregularities in last November’s poll. other than his evident uneasiness within the unacquainted role of attempting to assuage a furious public, Min Aung Hlaing betrayed no awareness of the damaging crisis into that he has dragged his country by seizing power.

From the purpose of read of the remainder of the globe, and therefore the variant Burmese World Health Organization clad in unexpectedly massive numbers to vote resoundingly for a second term of workplace for Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy last Gregorian calendar month, the coup could be a brazen power-grab by a military that has failing stunningly at the box, and by a commander whose career once necessary retirement in Gregorian calendar month this year looked a great deal less promising afterward result.


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