Myanmar police launch most intensive crackdown; one lady shot and wounded

Myanmar police launch most intensive crackdown; one lady shot and wounded

Police launched their most sweeping stifling in 3 weeks of protests against military rule on Saturday in cities and cities across Union of Burma, and one lady was shot and wounded and dozens of individuals were detained.

Three domestic media retailers aforementioned earlier that the lady shot within the central city of Monwya had died however associate machine service official aforementioned she was in hospital. The circumstances of the shooting weren’t clear and police weren’t offered for comment.

The violence came when Myanmar’s U.N. envoy, speech communication he was speaking for the ousted civilian government, urged the world organisation to use “any means that necessary” to reverse the February. 1 coup.

Myanmar has been in turmoil since the military appropriated power and detained nonappointive leader Aung San Suu Kyi and far of her party leadership, alleging fraud in an exceedingly Nov election her party won in an exceedingly landslide.

The coup, that stalled Myanmar’s progress toward democracy, has brought many thousands of protesters onto the streets and drawn condemnation from Western countries, with some imposing restricted sanctions.

Police were come in force in cities and cities from early Saturday in their most determined effort nonetheless to terminate the protests.

In the main town of Rangoon, police took up positions at usual protest sites and detained individuals as they congregated, witnesses aforementioned. many journalists were detained, their media organisations and colleagues aforementioned.

Confrontations developed as additional individuals came out despite the police operation.

Crowds musical and Panax quinquefolius then scattered into aspect streets and buildings as police advanced, firing tear gas, setting off stun grenades and shooting guns into the air, witnesses aforementioned.


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