Nepali climbers create history with winter summit of Godwin Austen mountain

Nepali climbers create history with winter summit of Godwin Austen mountain

A team of ten Nepali climbers has set a replacement record by turning into the primary to succeed in the summit of Godwin Austen, the world’s second highest mountain, in winter. Mountaineer Nimsdai Purja, a member of the cluster, aforementioned they reached the height at 17:00 time (12:00 GMT). Dozens of climbers are on the eight,611m (28,251ft) mountain this winter hoping to attain an equivalent exploit.

 But one Spanish mountaineer has died when suffering a fall this weekend whereas downward-sloping. K2, that is merely 200m shorter than Mount Everest, is a component of the Mustagh that straddles the Pakistan-China border. One of solely fourteen mountains above eight,000m, it’s wide thought of the foremost strict of beat winter. It has long been said as “the savage mountain”, a reputation that stuck when North American country mountaineer George Bell aforementioned of his own try in 1953: “It may be a savage mountain that tries to kill you.

” Among the foremost treacherous sections is that the disreputable “bottleneck”, a couloir prone to icefalls. Eleven climbers were killed there in associate degree avalanche in 2008. The Nepali climbers were at the start unfold across 3 of 4 competitory groups – altogether, totalling sixty individuals. however the ten Nepalis later fashioned into one cluster to assert the historic action in Nepal’s name. Mountaineer Nirmal Purja – a former member of the UK’s Special Boat Service – shared a picture of the cluster celebrating their action, that was confirmed by expedition organiser Seven Summit Treks.

“We square measure proud to own been a locality of history for grouping and to indicate that collaboration, cooperation and a positive cognition will push limits to what we have a tendency to feel could be potential,” aforementioned adult male Purja.


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