New footage shows George Floyd pleading with officers

New footage shows George Floyd pleading with officers

A court has been shown new police bodycam footage of martyr Floyd pleading with officers throughout his arrest, saying: “I’m not a nasty guy.”

The video comes because the murder trial of ex-officer Derek Chauvin continues for a 3rd day. In it, mister Floyd is seen mendicancy for police to not hurt him.

The footage conjointly shows mister Chauvin together with his knee on mister Floyd’s neck for quite 9 minutes.

Mr Floyd’s 2020 death sparked international protests over policing and racism.

Mr Chauvin, 45, denies charges of murder and homicide. Defence lawyers have indicated they’re going to argue that 46-year-old mister Floyd died of associate drug and poor health, and also the force used was affordable.

Observers of the trial say footage shown of mister Floyd’s actions before and through the arrest is also an effort by prosecutors to contend with the allegation that medication compete an area in his death.


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