New Zealand lady, 19, dies once suspected shark attack

New Zealand lady, 19, dies once suspected shark attack

A 19-year-old lady died weekday once a suspected shark attack in New Zealand’s North Island. According to native police, the girl was harmed whereas within the waters off Waihī Beach late on weekday afternoon, and died shortly once New Zealand police on Friday known the girl as 19-year-old Kaelah Marlow from town of Hamilton, regarding 391 kilometers (243 miles) from the capital Wellington. “Initial indications recommend she could are harmed by a shark,” New Zealand police aforementioned in an exceedingly news unleash weekday.

Police aforementioned the investigator can ultimately unleash the reason for Marlow’s death. “We appreciate her death was very traumatic for United Nations agency|those that|people who} were at Waihī Beach yesterday and that we square measure providing Victim Support services to anyone who needs it,” police accessorial. People walk close to a beach following a suspected shark attack at Bowentown close to close to in New Zealand, January 8, 2021.

 Shark attacks in New Zealand square measure rare. The last fatal shark attack passed in 2013, once a swimmer aged in his 40s was killed offshore, close to the favored Muriwai Beach, west of urban center. A non-fatal shark attack last passed in 2018, in step with the New Zealand police web site. a person was attacked by a shark and was flown to a hospital for treatment.


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