‘Nightmare’ nose surgery, Chinese star

‘Nightmare’ nose surgery, Chinese star

A Chinese actress has warned regarding the hazards of plastic surgery by sharing footage of her broken nose when a procedure went wrong.

Gao Liu may be a singer and actress United Nations agency has marked in multiple films and television programmed, and has been seen as one thing of a rising star. However she has fallen out of the limelight in recent months.

Posting on the favored social media platform Sina Weibo, she explained her months-long absence was thanks to a

“Cosmetic surgical incident” that has left her with mortification of the nose, which means the tissue at its tip has died.

Ms Federal agency shared pictures along with her 5 million followers, igniting discussions regarding plastic surgery that is very common in China.

She aforesaid that in October an exponent of hers introduced her to a cosmetic surgeon at a clinic within the southern town of Kwangchow.

“The entire procedure lasted four hours. I assumed that in these four hours, I’d be created additional stunning,” she told her followers.


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