North Korea: Russian diplomats leave by hand-pushed trolley car

North Korea: Russian diplomats leave by hand-pushed trolley car

A group of Russian diplomats associate degreed their families created an uncommon exit out of North Korea on a hand-pushed rail trolley car thanks to strict Covid measures.

The eight individuals cosmopolitan by train and bus before pushing themselves across the Russian border for concerning 1km (0.6miles) over train tracks.

North Korea has blocked most traveler transport to limit the virus’s unfold.

The country maintains it’s not had any confirmed cases, however observers dispute this claim.

Since early last year, trains and wagons are out to enter or leave the country. Most international traveler flights have stopped also.

The Russian diplomats were so left with very little alternative.

“Since the borders are closed for quite a year and traveler traffic has been stopped, it took an extended and troublesome journey to induce home,” Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs aforementioned during a Facebook post.

Photos shared by the ministry showed the diplomats on the trolley car with their suitcases amid a wintry landscape. They were additionally seen cheering during a video as they crossed into Russia.


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