Olympian tried to smuggle $150m of cocaine

Olympian tried to smuggle $150m of cocaine

An Australian Olympic kayaker and his brother are found guilty of making an attempt to export A$200m ($152m; £109m) of cocain into the country.

Nathan Baggaley and Dru Baggaley are going to be sentenced later this month. each have pleaded guiltless.

Dru and another man were in remission in 2018 once a dramatic police chase bemused that additionally concerned the navy and air force.

Nathan purchased the boat utilized in the incident.

Dru and also the different man, Anthony monger, created AN 11-hour journey in June 2018 to fulfill up with a distant ship that was carrying the medication.

However, they were noticed by police investigation planes and followed by a navy ship. Footage captured Dru throwing packages of cocain overboard whereas monger tried to urge off from the ship.

They were later caught by a Queensland police vessel off the coast and in remission by armed officers.


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