PAF to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Operation Swift Retort

PAF to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Operation Swift Retort

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) would celebrate the second day of remembrance of Operation Swift Retort nowadays at Air Headquarters (AHQ) to pay deference to the courageous pilots and every one those concerned in defensive the mother country and shooting down Indian aircrafts in 2019 at the moment.

Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan said that Pakistan’s desire for peace should not be considered a weakness, any kind of adventure will be answered immediately. Two years ago, the Armed Forces performed well for their security and the world saw that Pakistan withdrew its Indian pilot for peace. I salute the pilots for their professionalism

The operation was a response to India’s unskilled ‘surgical strike’ in Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa whereby the Indian Air Force managed to ‘kill’ solely some trees.

During the aerial skirmish with Bharat that day on February twenty seven, 2019, Islamic Republic of Pakistan heaped a protracted list of mishaps for its opponent. on it list were 2 Indian jets, a MiG-21 bovid and a SU-30, United Nations agency were shot down once they tried to horn in Pakistan’s airspace.

The pilot of the Mig-21, commander Abhinandan Varthaman, was captured by Pakistani authorities because the fighter jet crashed within Pakistan’s territory. The captured pilot was complete every day later as a good-will gesture to Bharat.

Adding insult to the injury, India’s air weapons system shot down its own eggbeater within the “fog of war”.

The rare aerial engagement that considerably raised the stakes within the precarious standoff came every day once national capital claimed its craft had launched Associate in Nursing airstrike on what it known as the “biggest coaching camp of Jaish-e-Muhammad” militant cluster within Islamic Republic of Pakistan – a claim debunked by national capital.

While Bharat, analysts believe, failing miserably to determine its image as a superior social unit within the region, therein episode, Islamic Republic of Pakistan with success cemented its position as a accountable nuclear state.

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