Pakistan rejects Indian remarks concerning visit of Delhi-based diplomats to IOK

Pakistan rejects Indian remarks concerning visit of Delhi-based diplomats to IOK

ISLAMABAD: Asian country has rejected the Indian Ministry of External Affairs remarks concerning the recent visit of a bunch of Delhi-based diplomats to Indian illicitly Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Foreign Office advocator Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, in a very statement aforementioned such radio-controlled tours to the occupied territory and conferences with selected individuals ar designed to form a smoke-screen to divert attention from the rank human rights violations in IIOJ&K and Republic of India s contraband measures to alter the demographic structure of the occupied territory.

He aforementioned the statement by United Nations Special recorder on Minority problems and Special recorder on freedom of faith and belief on the last day of this visit has justly highlighted the Indian makes an attempt to “alter the demographics of the region and undermine the minority’s ability to exercise effectively their human rights”.

No sham electoral exercise in Indian illicitly Occupied Jammu and Kashmir will substitute the United Nations Security Council mandated vote beneath the United Nations auspices, he added.

The advocator aforementioned that Republic of India cannot even feign normalcy with continued military besieging and restrictions on the elemental freedoms of Kashmiri individuals.

The individuals s rights to assembly, free movement, freedom of expression and even to safety of life and property ar habitually desecrated within the IIOJK with exemption, it added.

The interpreter aforementioned the verbalize comprehensive development whereas many thousands of Kashmiris ar being bereft of basic rights and economic opportunities is humorous .

“The questionable development narrative is additionally a shot to mislead the international community. it’s meant to alter the machinations to any disempower and disfranchise the Kashmiri those that ar being reduced to a minority in their own land in violation of relevant UNSC resolutions and therefore the international law”, as well as the fourth Geneva Convention, scan the statement.

Zahid Chaudhri aforementioned Asian country reiterates its decision to the international community to urge Republic of India to permit the Kashmiris to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination as enshrined within the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions.


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