Pakistan to import sugar, cotton from India

Pakistan to import sugar, cotton from India

ISLAMABAD: Federal minister of finance Hammad Azhar declared on Wednesday the government’s call to import sugar and cotton from Bharat.

The minister, in his initial conference since being given the finance portfolio, spoke concerning the high costs of sugar in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, oral communication the govt. had allowed sugar to be foreign from alternative countries, however, the worth of the goods in alternative countries was additionally high like in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“However, in our neighbour country Bharat, the worth of sugar is kind of low-cost,” he said. “Hence, we’ve determined to resume sugar trade with India”.

He aforementioned the live would facilitate bring down sugar costs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and can offer relief to the poor.

Azhar aforementioned the demand for cotton in Islamic Republic of Pakistan was additionally increasing and also the country required the merchandise in an exceedingly great amount. He aforementioned Islamic Republic of Pakistan had not created quality cotton last year thence it had given the inexperienced signal for the merchandise to be foreign from alternative countries round the globe.


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