Pakistan to use drones for watching highways, motorways

Pakistan to use drones for watching highways, motorways

ISLAMABAD: National Highways and Motorways Police (NHMP) officers have aforesaid the motorways and highways of the country would currently be monitored through subtle drones’ system which might additionally offer a record of around the clock movement on roads.

Pakistan are going to be the primary country within the region to use drone technology for the oversight of highways and motorways.

According to sources, the technology would facilitate in not solely dominant and managing the traffic volume across the motorways and highways for its sleek and safe flow however additionally offer for effective and timely interception of crimes. the system are going to be in situ in an exceedingly number of weeks, sources added .

In a meeting at the National Highways and thruways Police (NHMP) headquarters the officers took up a five-year set up for line to future necessities and demands of the Motorway Police for its modernization since the Motorways network within the country is finishing time period of its institution in an exceedingly few months.

Sources aforesaid the set up would cater to all or any the new trends prevailing in movement on the roads serving to Islamic Republic of Pakistan to become a rustic with a model road network, like alternative developed countries.

The projected five-year set up also will determine the resources to be generated by the motorways and highways infrastructure. A proposal is beneath review for the introduction of variable speed limits for various vehicles on the motorways and highways. the present regulation can be increased in some sectors whereas a discount of regulation may even be obligatory in some elements.

The main aim of the project is to form certain untroubled, quicker however safe traffic movement within the country. “A system is additionally being introduced to solely allow those vehicles to ply on the highways that square measure automatically acceptable travelling,” sources aforesaid.

Sources knowledgeable that the coaching and grooming of the force on trendy lines is additionally a part of the long run project. the present traffic laws and rules are being examined for facilitating sleek and safe traffic.


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