PM Imran Khan wins National Assembly’s confidence

PM Imran Khan wins National Assembly’s confidence

Prime Minister Imran Khan won the boldness of the National Assembly once 178 out of 342 lawmakers expressed their trust in his leadership.

He took a confidence vote on Saturday to grasp if the country’s MNAs trust him or not.

“One hundred and lxxviii members regarded their votes in favour of the resolution that has been passed currently,” Speaker Asad Qaisar same. ” “Consequently Imran Khan has obtained the vote of confidence from the members of the National Assembly.”

Qaisar conjointly same that PM Khan had received 176 votes once he was nonappointive PM once the 2018 election.

The PM set to carry a confidence poll once PTI’s candidate Abdul Hafeez Shaikh lost the national capital Senate seat to PDM’s Yousaf Raza Gillani by a distinction of 5 votes. The effort was attention-grabbing as a result of PTI’s Fozia Arshad—who conjointly contested  for the national capital seat— received 174 votes against PML-N’s Farzana Kausar.


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