PM Imran urges Muslim countries to ‘take a stand’ against Islamophobia

PM Imran urges Muslim countries to ‘take a stand’ against Islamophobia

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the Muslim countries to unite against preconception and told the West that attack on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) can offer area for radical and reactionary teams to take advantage of matters.

“The West handily associated Islam with terrorist act however within the last twenty years, Muslim countries sadly, didn’t reply to this narrative,” he aforementioned whereas addressing the body and Mashaikh Conference in national capital these days (Monday).

The premier aforementioned, “Muslim leaders ought to have stood up to the West and created it clear that there’s no link between Islam, or the other faith, with terrorist act.”

He conjointly realized that extremists exist all told societies, however once western countries started mistreatment terms like ‘radical Islam’, and ‘Islamic extremism’, Muslim leaders did nothing to counter this misinformation campaign.

“Before 9/11, suicide bombings were majorly administrated by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, a bunch comprising Hindus, however no one associated Hinduism with terrorist act,” he said.

The Prime Minister conjointly gave example of Japanese, language that before war II, the japanese conjointly administrated suicide attacks on yank ships however nobody associated their faith with terrorist act.

PM Imran conjointly realized that Muslims living in western countries, even in Bharat, were facing loads of issues. “When Muslim girls within the West depart of their homes sporting a scarf, individuals taunt them,” the PM aforementioned.

He additional aforementioned that since he understands the West higher than others, he has raised the problem of preconception on all forums from time to time. “No matter what happens, i’ll still raise my voice against preconception at each platofrom,” he vowed.

Praising non secular students, PM Imran aforementioned that non secular students have traditionally contend a very important role within the creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “They ought to build the lots tuned in to the conception of Riyasat-e-Madina,” he added.

The PM additional that once individuals forget the excellence between smart and unhealthy, society moves toward disintegration and destruction.

“It is my religion that any nation that follows the conception of Riyasat-e-Madina can move towards advancement,” he added.


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