Pope Francis denounces political theory on historic visit to Iraq

Pope Francis denounces political theory on historic visit to Iraq

Pope Francis has condemned political theory within the name of faith on a historic visit to Iraq wherever he mentioned the plight of the Christian minority.

“Hostility, political theory and violence aren’t born of a non secular heart,” he told associate inter-faith prayer meeting. “They square measure betrayals of faith.”

Iraq has been wracked by non secular violence, each against minorities and between the Shiites and Sunni Muslims too.

Pope Francis conjointly visited one in all the Shiites Islam’s most powerful figures.

•              Iraq’s Christians ‘close to extinction’

Receiving the top of the Roman Christian church at his target the Celestial City of Najaf, Grand religious leader Ali al-Sistani same Christians ought to be able to sleep in peace and security like all alternative Iraqis.

The meeting was seen as a extremely symbolic moment within the Pope’s visit, that is his 1st international trip since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic quite a year agone, and also the 1st ever pontifical visit to Asian country.

Covid-19 and security fears have created this his riskiest trip nevertheless.

The 84-year-old leader of the Christian church earlier told reporters that he had felt “duty-bound” to create the “emblematic” journey, which can see him visit many sites over four days in Asian country.


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