Pregnant at thirteen and ready to attend college

Pregnant at thirteen and ready to attend college

The Tanzanian government was taken to court last month over its ban on pregnant collegegirls and young mothers attending school.

 it’s one amongst the few countries within the world that actively enforces such a ban. A year past this month, another court ordered Republic of Sierra Leone to drop its ban. thus however have things modified within the West African country? Fatu (not her real name) is thirteen years recent, and 4 months pregnant. She was the victim of regulatory offense.

 Until this year, her circumstances would have meant deed college and extremely probably being forced into wedding. Instead, she continues to dream of being a nurse sooner or later. In March, Republic of Sierra Leone turned a ban on pregnant women and young mothers attending college, 3 months when the court of the Economic Community of West African states (Ecowas) – the region’s high court – dominated that it had been “discriminatory” associate degreed desecrated a child’s right to an education.

 The country had long had a retardant with teen maternity – quite thirty fifth of women below the age of eighteen had born in 2013. Numbers spiked – to up to sixty fifth in some areas – throughout the hemorrhagic fever pandemic of 2014/15 once colleges were forced to shut. The government’s response, as Republic of Sierra Leone emerged from the hemorrhagic fever crisis, was to declare as official policy a ban on pregnant women from thought college for worry they’d “encourage different women to try to to constant thing”.

 whereas official figures in 2015 instructed around three,000 women were full of the ban, some instructed the quantity may be so much higher. Although parallel learning centres were found out as the way of keeping pregnant women and young mothers in education, they solely met 3 days every week and schooled four subjects; the Ecowas court dominated in December 2019 that they too were “another sort of discrimination” and ordered them to be abolished.


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