Princess Latifa urges UK police to open up sister’s nobble case

Princess Latifa urges UK police to open up sister’s nobble case

Princess Latifa, the captive girl of Dubai’s ruler, has appealed to UK police to re-investigate the nobble of her older sister from a Cambridge street quite twenty years past.

In a letter shared with the BBC, Latifa tells Cambridgeshire police this might facilitate free patrician Shamsa, UN agency was captured on the orders of their father.

Shamsa, UN agency was simply eighteen then and is currently thirty-nine, has not been seen publically since.

The government of metropolis has not knowledgeable BBC requests for comment.

A judicature choose dominated in 2019, that tribal sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum had kidnapped each daughters and control them against their can.

Last week BBC Panorama broadcast stunning videos Latifa had on the QT recorded on a phone she had been given, during which she delineate however she was being control “hostage” by her father following a failing escape try in 2018. The United Nations has since asked the United Arab Emirates for proof that Latifa is alive.

But virtually 20 years earlier, a shot by her older sister to escape the family additionally led to capture and imprisonment.

In August 2000, around 2 months once escaping from her father’s Longcross Estate in Surrey, Shamsa was forcibly taken from Cambridge, flown by heavier-than-air craft to France and so by non-public jet back to metropolis.

Latifa’s written letter, that was passed to the Cambridgeshire force by her friends on Wed, urges action for her sister by British authorities. it absolutely was written in 2019 whereas she was being control in confinement in a very “jail villa”.

“All I raise of you”, writes Latifa, “is to please provide attention on her case as a result of it may get her her freedom… your facilitate and a focus on her case may free her.”

She adds: “She has robust links to European country… she very loves England, all of her fondest reminiscences ar of her time there.”


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