PTI’s Saifullah sends Liaquat Jatoi Rs2bn legal notice

PTI’s Saifullah sends Liaquat Jatoi Rs2bn legal notice

PTI leader Liaquat Jatoi has been served a Rs2bn legal notice seeking damages once he alleged that Saifullah Abro, PTI’s former Senate candidate from Sindh on a technocrat seat, was given a price tag for Rs350 million.

Abro’s nomination papers weren’t approved by the commission of Pakistan so he won’t be running for Senate elections.

atoi said that Abro had joined the party six months back and questioned what the criteria was for giving him a ticket

Abro, in response to Jatoi’s allegations, announced he would file a defamation suit against him.

In a video message, Abro claimed that for the past few days there was “lobbying” against him, but he kept quiet.

He said the allegation that he was sold a ticket for Rs350 million is absurd and he will see Jatoi in court.


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