Qantas boss: Governments ‘to insist’ on vaccines for flying

Qantas boss: Governments ‘to insist’ on vaccines for flying

The boss of Australian airline Qantas has told the BBC that “governments square measure planning to insist” on vaccines for international travellers.

Coronavirus vaccines square measure seen as crucial to revitalising Associate in Nursing business that saw worldwide rider numbers fall seventy five.6% last year.

Chief govt Alan James Joyce same several governments were talking regarding vaccination as “a condition of entry”.

Even if they weren’t, he thought the airline ought to enforce its own policy.

“We have a requirement of care to our passengers and to our crew, to mention that everyone therein craft has to be safe,” man James Joyce same.

He believes that will justify ever-changing the terms and conditions on that tickets square measure engaged.

And man James Joyce thinks passengers would be willing to just accept the modification. “The overwhelming majority of our customers assume this can be an excellent plan – ninetieth folks|of individuals} that we’ve surveyed assume it ought to be a demand for people to be immunised to travel internationally.”


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