Rearrest former TTP leader Ehsanullah Ehsan: DG ISPR

Rearrest former TTP leader Ehsanullah Ehsan: DG ISPR

RAWALPINDI: The director-general of the Inter-Services promotion (ISPR), Major General character Iftikhar on Wednesday aforementioned that the escape of former TTP voice Ehsanullah Ehsan from custody was a “grave matter,” adding that the military is attempting to rearrest him.

Speaking to international media shops, the weight unit ISPR aforementioned that the military took prompt action against officers answerable for Ehsan’s escape.

“At the instant, we do not realize Ehsanullah Ehsan’s whereabouts,” Maj info character Iftikhar aforementioned, adding that the TTP leader’s Twitter account, that was recently wont to issue threats to laureate Malala Yousafzai, clad to be pretend.


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