Rescue operation launched for missing mountaineers on K2

Rescue operation launched for missing mountaineers on K2

ISLAMABAD: A operation was launched on Saturday morning for 3 mountaineers World Health Organization have reportedly gone missing throughout a K2 winter summit try.

Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara, Chile’s John Snorri and Iceland’s JP Mohr Prieto are missing since Friday and haven’t been in touch with base camp for over twenty four hours, same a senior official of Pakistan’s Alpine Club.

It was earlier rumored that by media that Sadpara had ascended the summit of K2 however the news has not been confirmed by the mountaineers. Alpine Club General Secretary Karrar Haidri told a news outlet that operation has started and armed forces helicopters square measure engaged within the efforts.

The helicopters reportedly flew to a height of seven,000 metres in their commit to find the missing mountaineers however were unable to find their whereabouts and had to come back thanks to worsening weather and lightweight conditions.

“It’s already been quite thirty hours, we have a tendency to (at basecamp) have received no news of John Snorri, Ali Sadpara, and Juan Pablo Mohr, since none of the GPS trackers appear to be working”, Chhang Dawa Asian, their expedition manager, same during a statement.

An army chopper has conducted a probe flight for the missing climbers, Asian same during a separate statement. “Unfortunately, they can not trace something and also the condition up within the mountain and even at the basecamp is obtaining poor”, he said.

Earlier on Friday, Bulgarian mountaineer  Atanas Skatov fell to his death whereas attempting to summit K2. Another mountaineer on the expedition Sajid Sadpara, World Health Organization is Ali Sadpara’s son, began to descent thanks to his chemical element regulator defective and has reached Camp one by a team of Nepali Sherpas.

On January sixteen, a bunch of Nepalese climbers created history by summiting the world’s second tallest mountain in winter. Mount K2 is often delineate as “savage mountain” since an oversized range of climbers have lost their lives attempting to summit it.


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