Rooster kills owner with match blade in Asian nation

Rooster kills owner with match blade in Asian nation

NEW DELHI: A cock fitted with a knife for associate degree prohibited match in southern Asian nation has killed its owner, sparking a search for the organisers of the event, police aforementioned on Sat (Feb 7).

The bird had a knife connected to its leg able to wrestle associate degree opponent once it inflicted serious injuries to the man’s groin because it tried to flee, officers aforementioned.

The victim died from loss of blood before he may reach a hospital within the Karimnagar district of Telangana state earlier in the week, native peace officer B Jeevan told fetoprotein.

The man was among sixteen folks organising the match within the village of Lothunur once the freak accident passed off, Jeevan aforementioned.

The cock was shortly command at the native police office before it had been sent to a poultry farm.

“We ar sorting out the opposite fifteen folks concerned in organising the prohibited fight,” Jeevan aforementioned.


They could face charges of homicide, prohibited dissipated and hosting a match.

Cockfights ar prohibited however still common in rural areas of Telangana, state, state and Odisha states – notably round the Hindu pageant of Sankranti.

Specially bred roosters have seven.5cm knives or blades bound to their legs and punters punt United Nations agency can win the grotesque fight.

Thousands of roosters die every year within the battles that, despite the efforts of animal rights teams, attract massive crowds.


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