Russia Navalny: Poisoned opposition leader flying home

Russia Navalny: Poisoned opposition leader flying home

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is due back in national capital shortly Sunday for the primary time since he was nearly killed by a poison gas attack last year. He was seen boarding a Pobeda airlines plane in Berlin.

The activist says the authorities were behind the try on his life, AN allegation secured by inquiring journalists however denied by the Kremlin. Mr Navalny, 44, faces arrest on his come back from Federal Republic of Germany, wherever he has been receiving medical treatment. He has appealed to supporters to satisfy him off the flight, and a “Let’s meet Navalny” page has been originated on Facebook (in Russian).

Thousands of individuals have same they’re going to go or expressed AN interest, despite forecasts of maximum cold. In a tweet, the opposition leader defendant the Kremlin of encouraging individuals to travel to Vnukovo airdrome to examine a pop star, Olga Buzova, during a bid to squeeze out his supporters.

Mr Navalny folded on an inside flight in geographic region last August, and it later emerged he had been poisoned with a Novichok poison gas. Russian authorities have systematically denied any role within the poisoning, and therefore the Kremlin has rejected adult male Navalny’s claims that President solon himself ordered it. The Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin critic has same he misses national capital, is sort of absolutely recovered from the attack, which there was ne’er any doubt he would come back.


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