Russia warns EU it might cut ties over sanctions

Russia warns EU it might cut ties over sanctions

Russia is prepared to sever ties with the EU if the coalition imposes new, economically painful sanctions, Russian secretary of state Sergei Lavrov says.

The EU has raised the prospect of any sanctions amid a row over the treatment of the captive Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny.

When associate degree asker asked if Russia was heading for a “break” with the EU, Mr Lavrov aforementioned “we’re prepared for that”.

“If you would like peace, inure war,” he said.

He aforementioned an opening in ties may be triggered by EU sanctions that “create risks for our economy, together with within the most sensitive areas”.

“We don’t desire to isolate ourselves from international affairs, however we’ve got to be ready for that.” He was speaking on the Russian YouTube channel Solovyov Live.

In the past week Russia and therefore the EU have expelled 3 of every other’s diplomats in an exceedingly tit-for-tat dispute centering on the Navalny case.

Russia went 1st, a week ago, voice communication 3 EU diplomats had attended associate degree nonlegal pro-Navalny protest – associate degree allegation rejected by the EU. The Russian announcement came throughout a visit by EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell.


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