Saudi Aramco’s profits slide nearly 45% when lower oil demand

Saudi Aramco’s profits slide nearly 45%  when lower oil demand

The oil big Saudi Aramco has declared that its profits fell sharply last year as lockdowns round the world checked demand for oil.

Earnings in 2020 fell by nearly forty fifth compared with 2019.

Saudi Aramco, one amongst the most important corporations within the world, still created a profit of $49bn (£35bn) but and same shareholders would still receive dividends totalling $75bn.

Aramco’s largest stockholder is that the Saudi government.

The firm same it had been “one of the foremost difficult years in recent history”.

Over the course of last year the value of oil fell by a fifth as countries halted travel, closed down industries and restricted several regular activities, reducing demand for energy and fuel.

Other massive oil and gas companies like Royal Dutch Shell and BP conjointly saw profits plummet. Exxon Mobil, the most important North American country energy company, announce its initial annual loss.

The oil worth has recovered slightly since Dec to $64.53 for a barrel of brant Crude because the vaccinum rollout gets beneath manner.

“We area unit seeing a pick-up in demand in Asia and conjointly positive signs elsewhere,” same Saudi Aramco’s chief government, Amin Nasser. “We expect this to continue as governments and authorities round the world open up economies.”

However Aramco faces alternative challenges. it’s suffered 2 recent drone attacks on its installations due to Saudi involvement within the war in Yemen; one last weekday started a fireplace at AN petroleum refinery in capital of Saudi Arabia.

Mr Nasser same the plant was back on stream among many hours which the firm had emergency response plans in situ to trot out such attacks.


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