Senate elections 2021: Latest party positions

Senate elections 2021: Latest party positions

The race for the Senate is over and therefore the question on everyone’s lips is: “What will the Senate composition appear as if now?”

According to the unofficial results from March three contest, PTI is that the high victor and currently enjoys twenty six seats within the Senate.

Among the 2 major Opposition parties, surgical procedure closely follows with a complete of twenty seats when winning eight nowadays, whereas PML-N currently has eighteen when winning 5.

Expected vs actual results has conjointly analysed projections for major parties that were created supported their positions within the national and provincial assemblies and compared them to the particular seats received.

Senate Elections 2021: What to expect on the massive day

PTI and allies
Unofficial, tentative results show that PTI has obtained eighteen out of the nineteen projected seats to emerge because the lead party within the Senate.

Allies MQM-P won each of the 2 projected seats, whereas Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) was projected to win one however failed to.

Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) was forecast to win six, that it did, whereas PML-Q was projected to win one, that it conjointly did.


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