SINGAPORE: A schoolboy killed a 13-year-old student with an ax

SINGAPORE: A schoolboy killed a 13-year-old student with an ax

In Singapore, a 16-year-old boy killed a 13-year-old boy in a school washroom. The incident has caused a wave of concern across the country as the crime rate in Singapore is extremely low.
According to police, the body of the deceased was recovered from the washroom of the school which was killed by the accused using an ax. The ax has been collected as evidence.
According to media reports, River Valley High School students spotted a man holding an ax inside the school premises, who panicked and texted and called friends, including his family, and the school administration locked him in the classroom to save him. However, after the arrest of the accused, all the students were allowed to leave the school.
According to reports, during the court hearing, the accused was charged with murder, which is punishable by death, but the accused is under 18 years of age, so he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.
On the other hand, the prosecution has requested the court to remand the accused for a psychiatric examination. The prosecution said the accused was mentally unstable, had tried to commit suicide in 2019 and was treated at a local hospital.
Singapore’s law minister expressed condolences to the victim’s family over the incident at the school and said the accused had bought the ax online.
Under Singapore law, both the accused and the victim could not be named as they were under 18 years of age.


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